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Give a financial gift & and receive 2nd Edition Iteration II of Go Free signed!

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White people are privileged; discrimination against a white person serves to redress injustice.


White people have committed historical wrongs toward others; white people are born with a historical debt.


Sound familiar? In Go Free, we call these antiwhite ideas Meme-Pathogens (MPs), because they infect the mind like a virus. This book will prove to you that your subconscious mind is more infected than you know.


Through simple exercises and techniques, you will learn to consciously identify MPs in yourself and environment, and to overcome their harmful effects. As we think in words, this book promotes precisely constructed, tested, and explained language for reclaiming our minds.


Imagine purifying your mind of pathogens. Imagine being a better you: happier and healthier; more focused. Imagine finally getting through to that loved one who’s own MPs tell them that concern for White Wellbeing is anything other than it is: noble and loving. Imagine winning arguments with antiwhites as the hero in our story, not the villain in theirs. The tool to defeat and repair the damage of antiwhitism is in your hands.


Since its debut as a pamphlet in the late 1990s, Go Free has redeemed white men, women, and children from many self-destructive behaviors and self-hate, and prevented suicides. It has healed relationships divided by MPs. It has given people of all races the means to oppose antiwhitism in their daily lives, and to inoculate their children against destructive mental infections, such as white-guilt.


Remain trapped in the thought diseases that cripple you, or join the rapidly growing white positive community, and make the life-liberating decision to Go Free!

Give a financial gift & receive the 2nd Edition Iteration II of Going Free!

SKU: Going Free v2
  • The 2nd expanded edition Iteration II of the currative to antiwhiteism - Going Free

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