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Over the course of his life, author, adventurer, entrepreneur, and White Wellbeing advocate, Jason Köhne, aka No White Guilt, has changed the lives of many with a formula he developed, refined, and has now codified in Go Free, A Guide to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind.


This formula will teach you to identify and neutralize harmful antiwhite ideas in yourself and your environment. Following this formula will enable you to access your true physical, mental, and spiritual potential as a Westman—the innate potential of our people, stifled in an age of antiwhiteism.


Simply “waking up” (or getting so-called “red pilled”) to various falsehoods in the dogma of modernity is not enough. These moments of realization are essential to the healing process, but they are largely superficial. You remain infected with subconsciously-driven meme-pathogens (MPs) that undermine your well-being and potential. With effort, you can Go Free of MPs.


You can be better than you are. You can have purpose, safety, and happiness. You can access the Western Spirit within you, a power that has revolutionized the world with scientific discovery, conquered disease, charted the unknown, and triumphed in battle.


Since its public debut, Go Free (along with Köhne’s live Internet broadcast “Going Free”) has rescued white men and women from many self-destructive behaviors, including drug and alcohol abuse, and even suicide. Others are climbing higher than they ever imagined, and some couples have given birth, secure in the knowledge that Go Free will inoculate their children against destructive antiwhite infections, such as white-guilt. Remain trapped in the thought diseases that cripple you, or make the life-liberating decision to Go Free!

Give a financial gift & receive the 2nd Edition of Going Free!

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  • The 2nd expanded edition of the currative to antiwhiteism - Going Free